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How Much Time Do I Spend On A Drawing

For the past several years I focused primarily on getting better at art rather than creating finished art pieces. Because of this approach I would try and spend no more than 1-2 hours on a longer sketch and 10-30min on most sketches. I do feel that i was able to get better at form and proportions of my figures. I really gained ground when is came to drawing a more feminine figure when drawing women.  Recently however I have decided to produce more finished works and focus on an overall finished aesthetics. Some of my recent digital illustrations have taken 5-10 hours. I am really happy with the outcome of the extra time spent making sure every edge and line are excatly how I want them. 

Boba fett for web.jpg

I worked on the Boba Fett illustration above for around 8 hours. To me this illustrations is one of the more polished pieces of art I have every produced. I understand the many people enjoy the look of pencil on paper and might prefer the pencil illustrations to the right. But for more where I am at as an artist right i feel the digital illustrations are making me better at art. I am learning a lot more about light and creating a full composition that utilizes space and color. My digital illustrations are much more complex pieces of art. Becasue of the complexity of the digital painting I feel am really pushing myself artistically and it feels great. I always want to feel like I am moving forward as an artist.


Nude Woman Figure Drawing 1.jpg
Excuse me Im Recharging.jpg