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Why Do People Not Like Digital Art?

This is a question I have been asking myself for quite some time now. I noticed when I switched to digital art I got a lot of pushback from the people who follow my You Tube. I also got comments on my Instagram, twitter and Facebook saying things like: "I like your pencil stuff better" and "when are you going back to pencils". I also noticed that I got a lot less likes on my digital illustrations. I realized I was not as good at digital art as i was at traditional illustration. However when I looked at other artists on You Tube and other social media platforms digital artists got a lot less love than traditions artists. Their were a few exceptions but I came across more than a few extremely talented digital illustrators who did not get the same love as far less traditional illustrators. So why is this?

I'm going list out a few reason why I think digital art does not get the love it should.

1: A lot artists don't have access to the tools to create digital art. This means they cant relate to the art they are viewing and feel it does not help them.

2. There are a lot of digital artists who are just tracing and painting over photos and other peoples art. I feel people don't trust digital artists because of this and feel it does not take as much skill as traditional art. It is frustrating when you see blatantly traced work that gets a lot of attention and then see an absolutely amazing original digital illustration that get very little love.

3: The world we live in is filled with some top notch digital illustrations. From video game art to Marvel movie posters we are used to seeing some amazing digital illustrations and its everywhere. I think because of this people respond better to the more rough and handmade look of traditional art.  

I'm going to continue to add to this list beacuse I plan on covering this topic in a You Tube video on my Sketchy Trav channel. 

If you have any comments or incites on this topic leave a comment below.

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